Our Child Safety Commitment

Panania Diggers Soccer Club is committed to ensuring that the sport of football (soccer) is a safe and friendly environment for children and young people. It is imperative that children and young people who access our activities, programs, events or services are safe and supported.

We will ensure that child safety is embedded in our organisation’s culture, reflected in our policies and procedures, and understood and practiced at all levels of our sport. We commit to making sure that everyone involved Panania Diggers SC from club administrators, volunteers, parents and participants, understand the important responsibilities that they have in relation to child safety. All of us in the football (soccer) have a role to play in ensuring that we keep our sport as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Our commitment extends beyond creating an environment that minimises risk or danger. We are committed to building an environment that is both child-safe and child-friendly. Together we can provide an environment in which children feel respected, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

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